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A Buyers Guide for Choosing Office Wall Art

There is nothing worse than having a bare wall in an office space. It can be demotivating for staff and uninviting for visitors, but with a couple of well-chosen and well-placed wall art pieces, you can brighten up your space while also adding some life to it. 

Choosing office wall art is not all that different to choosing something for your home. Often your best chosen piece is going to be the one that you love the most, but there are some tips that you can use to further ensure that the art you select is the...

A Step-by-Step Buyers Guide to Abstract Wall Art

It might not be the type of art that everyone imagines buying, but since the world of abstract art has become so expansive and now consists of all sorts of interesting art pieces, that vary from minimalist art to something a little more eclectic and colourful, when you are decorating with this style of art, the aesthetic possibilities are nearly endless. 

Shopping for abstract art is something that requires an open mind. This art is almost certainly going to be vibrant and it will brighten up any space, adding more life to any home or office it...

How to Clean Canvas Wall Art – A Step by Step Guide

Decorating with canvas wall art is one of the quickest and easiest ways to give any room in your home or workplace a makeover, without having to drastically change your interior décor. With the sheer variety of wall art shapes, sizes and styles out there, using canvas wall art as opposed to the other wall art options is a natural choice.


And knowing how to clean canvas wall art is going to be an important aspect of keeping the aesthetic of the artwork alive. Allowing dust to settle on the art, or using an inferior cleaning...

A Beginners Guide to Choosing Wall Art

Buying art is not something that will come naturally to most people. Although you might see something you like and immediately fall in love, the artwork might not look so great in the space you are thinking about placing it in. For this reason, it is certainly helpful to have a couple of pointers, from those working in the art world as well as those who are professional interior designers, to ensure that you select the right colours, the right shapes and the right designs for your unique space. 


Wall art should always complement and...