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Black and White Wall Art for Sale in South Africa

There is nothing quite as timeless as black and white, when it comes to wall art in your home. A few pieces of well-chosen black and white wall art can transform the look of any space, and become the eye-catching centre-piece that completes the chic design theme.

Black and white wall art prints have undergone a drastic reinvention since those early, rather understated prints that made up wall art catalogues. These days, such prints are designed to be bold, include variations of grey to give the art some personality, and they are available in many sizes which will allow you to get really creative with the way that you decorate your space.

At Pixalot, we stock one of South Africa’s widest ranges of black and white wall art for sale.

Our wall art is available as either a canvas mounted on a sub frame or in a floating frame, or framed behind glass. Our wall art is designed to be easy to mount, without the need of additional help. The black and white wall art available from our easy to use online webstore includes something to suit everyone’s tastes. Designs include nature prints, abstract prints, storytelling portraits, and vintage icons.

Decorating with black and white wall art

Black and white has become the classic wall art option because it is simple to use when designing. Black and white art is never going to become an overpowering piece that you will get tired of looking at, and since it is so sophisticated, your art will never go out of style.

When decorating with black and white wall art, you need to put in a bit of planning in order to make sure that the art is the perfect fit for your space. You should think of the size of the art in relation to the size of the wall and you should also give some thought to the fact that whatever art you choose is going to have to fit in with the existing décor and furniture that you have. Luckily, because of the minimalist look,  black and white art is one of the most accommodating themes in terms of fitting in with what you already have.

Instead of opting for a single large piece, one way of decorating with this kind of wall art, is by using a grid layout to create balance while also uplifting the space in such a way that it looks like you have completely revamped the room. Grids can be landscaped or in a portrait layout, and you can experiment with 4 and 6 pieces per grid.

If the grid option doesn’t appeal to you, you can always choose to add one large statement wall piece, the kind that covers most of the wall. Only one such piece will have the power to completely change the way that the room looks.

The black and white wall art for sale from the Pixalot webstore have been specifically chosen for our clients.

We make sure that the art is printed on the highest-quality materials and can be used on any wall, in any type of space. You might also like our range of abstract wall art, wallpaper and mirrors for sale.