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Here are the steps to follow to successfully hang your Pixalot wall art.

1. Taped to the back of your wall art you will find wall plugs and T-screws. T-screws ensure the wall art is held in place and cannot be easily knocked off, or out of position when cleaning.

2. Accurately measure the distance between the brackets on either side of the wall art.

3. Mark the distance on the wall where you want the wall art to hang, using a spirit level to ensure the 2 points are level.

4. Drill the holes using a 8mm drill bit.

5. Insert the wall plugs fully into the holes.

6. Screw in the T-screws until the head is approx 5mm from the wall and in a vertical position:

 hanging screw position








7. Lift the wall art and slide the brackets over & down on to the T-screws.

8. It should now be securely in place, well done!


NB: If the brackets do not slide effortlessly over the screw heads, DO NOT force the frame onto them. Over time the frame will bow & crack. You will need to reposition the drill holes.


If you are not confident doing the hanging we recommend using a professional hanging service such as:
(JHB) /
(CT) /