Sell Your Photography & Art on Pixalot

Get featured on South Africa's #1 wall art store by signing up to our licensing partner
See below for how & why it works

How it Works

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1. Sign Up

Only once your images are licensed through our licensing partner can we sell them.
You can sign up to our licensing partner & submit your images for approval via this link 

Please Note:
Although not exclusively for professionals, amateur photography & art is very unlikely to meet the required standard.


2. Get Approved

Within a few days you will receive feedback from our licensing partner as to whether or not your images have been approved & licensed.

If successful, your images will be available to their retail partners around the world, of which Pixalot is one. Drop us an email with the link to your licensed artwork page.

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3. Listed

As one of those retail partners, Pixalot will be then able to select & download your images via our licensing partner's portal, ensuring you receive royalties for any sales.

We will then load the ones we have selected onto the Pixalot site for customers to purchase in the size and frame or their choice.

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4. Get Paid

Each quarter the licensing partner will send you royalty payments and a sales report indicating which images/artworks have sold via all their retail partners.

Why it Works 

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Rather than incurring the time and cost of building your own website with limited functionality - on Pixalot, each of your  images will automatically be viewable in all our standard sizes and frames at a click of a button. Customers can see the wall art they love, exactly as they need it.

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Your own website, or a gallery, relies on a small amount of website traffic or feet-in-the-door.

By listing on Pixalot your work is exposed to the tens of thousands of visitors we welcome each day & gets featured in our digital marketing campaigns which reach hundreds of thousands.

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Your stunning work can easily fall flat if the printing and framing process is not of sufficient quality.

Our workshop in Cape Town produces the most premium wall art product in the country, with colour calibrated printers and tightly quality controlled manufacturing.

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If you have tried couriering your product around the country before, you'll know that the cost is high and the damage is often!

We have worked with our courier partner for years and they are experts in transporting artwork at a very reasonable cost to us (it's free for you!)