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From brightly lit busy city roads, to calm scenes of old Greek villages, when it comes to city wall art we have a wide range of beautiful scenes to adorn your walls with. This particular type of wall art is a great choice for all sorts of living spaces while it is also an excellent choice for any office or boardroom.

Pixalot offers a selection of city wall art for sale in South Africa at competitive prices online.

Sophisticated and modern, this collection is designed to catch the eye can easily become a talking piece. No matter which space you choose to hang this art, it will transform the room and give it a whole new look. Given the vibrant style of most city wall art pieces, whether you use this piece in a room with plenty of light or if you add the piece to a darker room in need of some colourful life, it is really easy to decorate with this sort of wall art.

City wall art is not the kind of art that will go out of fashion. Instead, it is the sort of art that remains timeless and it is always on trend. 

Decorating with City Wall Art for Sale from Pixalot

City wall art has a bit of a reputation for being too modern for some tastes. This is because most of these images will be of concrete buildings and busy streets. But there is another side of this wall art that should be taken into account, and that is the older village scenes, and landscape images that include some aspects of modern living.

For the most part, city wall art is something that will easily meet all sorts of design expectations and whether you decorate with one single large image or if you choose to use 2 or 3 smaller prints to create a single, beautiful scene, your art can become a statement piece.

City wall art consists of scenes that have all sorts of colours and themes, which is what allows the city art to easily fit in with the other décor that you already have in the space. This sort of wall art can end up taking over the space if it is a little too over the top or if the print size that you choose is too big for the space in which you have decided to hang it. Because this sort of art is quite elaborate and statement making, it should ideally be placed in a space that is big enough for it to be properly appreciated. 

When you are using this wall art, you should think about the final look that you are hoping to achieve, especially as this art can either make the space feel warmer or it can give it that sophisticated touch.

At Pixalot, we’ve created a collection of high-quality wall art, in a wide range of themes and colours. Our art is printed on the finest materials and comes fully framed. All of our art can be bought directly from our webstore and can be delivered nationwide.