Here's all you need to know about how we ship your art, mirrors & wallpaper

Deliveries to Different Provinces

Shipping costs are based on the delivery destination province. Deliveries to WC, EC, GT, KZN have a Free and Priority Service to select from at checkout. Deliveries to outlying provinces (FS, LP, MP, NC, NW) carry a surcharge based on weight and do not have a priority service option.

Outlying province & free delivery orders are manufactured & dispatched in 5-6 days and will arrive at your door 7-10 days from the order date. Priority orders (available to WC, EC, GT, KZN) are manufactured in 3-4 days, arriving at your door 5-7 from the order date.

Dispatch Notifications & Tracking

The morning after the courier collects your order from us, you will receive a dispatch notification & waybill number via email. The notification will include this link where you can use your waybill number to track your order in transit.

Our Courier Partner

Send & Receive, who specialise in transporting art around the world, is our courier partner. Once you have your waybill number it is best to contact them directly on 021 385 0168 with any special delivery instructions or enquiries. However, they will also contact customers the day before delivery to confirm the address & a convenient time for the delivery to take place.


All orders are packed in stress-tested freight packaging, but damage in transit can occur, especially when transporting glass. Please check your deliver before signing the POD (proof of delivery)

On the rare occasion that damage does occur, mark it on the POD and send us a photograph of the damage. Replacements are then manufactured and dispatched to you as soon as possible. If the package is not checked when received, and the POD is signed, replacements cannot be given at a later date.

Wallpaper Installation

If you have opted for the 'Delivered & Installed' option when buying wallpaper, we will send the wallpaper directly to you. Once you receive it, our installer will contact you to arrange an installation time.