Abstract Photographic Wall Art

Contemporary wall art created on camera by capturing abstract elements such as architecture, marble, and ink, in a spectrum of colours & textures.

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Abstract Wall Art for Sale in South Africa

Designing with wall art is one way to make sure that your home or office space is a perfect reflection of your unique style and your personality. When your style is a little unconventional, or should you be looking for a more daring way to create a one-of-a-kind space, using abstract wall art  could be  what you are looking for.

Abstract wall art is  a style that you either like or you don’t. Such art often features paint splotches, gold embellished marble, or vibrant water colours. There is often no set focal point or subject matter, and is designed to speak for itself, and  can be interpreted in different ways.

At Pixalot, we have one of the most vibrant selections of abstract wall art for sale in South Africa.

Our wall art prints range from colourful to neutral, bold to subtle, modern to classic. Abstract art is easy to style with and since it is available on  canvas, or framed behind glass, it will suit most spaces, at home or in the office. Our abstract prints are available in a wide range of sizes, making it really easy to customise any size wall space you have.

Decorating with Abstract Wall Art

If you do intend to combine abstract wall art on one wall, it is best to stick to a dominant colour throughout, so as to avoid clashes and enable you to enjoy the aesthetic of the entire wall. Something that can work well with abstract art is choosing to hanging it unexpected locations. An abstract wall art piece in the bathroom, or an entry way, won’t overshadow the scene but it can add a surprise element.

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