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A collection of tones that go with everything and are sure to never go out of fashion, earthy wall art offers something for everyone, no matter what their particular wall art tastes are.

If you are planning on sticking to muted hues, at Pixalot we have one of the most extensive selections of earthy wall art for sale for you to browse through.

When you are decorating with wall art in earthy tones, it is difficult to not create a beautiful space. Although some might assume that these colours could be boring or too underwhelming to make a statement, there is so much variety to go through that you can easily be able to use these neutral tones to decorate your space in such a way that it will suit whatever design expectations that you might have. Depending on the type of earthy wall art you buy, you could create a space that is more peaceful or which could become a talking point.

Choosing your Earthy Wall Art

The tones that make up the earthy collection of wall art are a good mix between those colours that are softer and those that are a little more vibrant. This means there is something suitable for every room in your home, while they are also more than suitable for the office space, especially in a busier space as the muted wall art can be a calming addition.

When working with earthy colours, you can mix and match your art, or you can opt for that single, statement piece that takes up most of the wall. As you go through the process of adding wall art to your home or office, you should consider what happens in the area you are decorating, for instance is it a bedroom or a boardroom, and you should also give some thought to the size of the wall you are working with.

One of the great things about earthy wall art is that this art often takes the form of a single, scenic landscape photo. Mountainous landscapes, dark green forestscapes, or grey cityscapes, can all be found within the Pixalot landscape wall art collection while we also have a stunning selection of wildlife wall art in muted warm colours.

hould neither the landscape décor nor the wildlife décor be something you are interested in, we also botanical and floral wall art, more abstract wall art that includes patterns, bird’s eye views of landscapes, graphic art and imitations of famous art works.

If you choose to decorate with a bigger landscape piece, you should definitely give more thought to the overall size of your room, because this piece will become the main feature of the space.

You can browse through a wide selection of wall art of all kinds when you shop online at Pixalot. Our vast art collections are expertly curated and printed in Cape Town, on the highest quality materials, ensuring that each piece of wall art has a long lifespan and is really easy to take care of.