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Whatever your interior design goals might be, when decorating with a wall mirror you will be adding a striking yet versatile feature to your space.

Wall mirrors for sale in South Africa come in every style you could think of, and as such, there is possibly no better way to unleash your creativity.

At Pixalot, we are passionate about wall décor. From the most vividly beautiful framed paintings and photos, to a growing selection of sleek and stylish mirrors, our quality and our designs are unmatched.
On our webstore you can find a stellar range of wall mirrors for sale in South Africa, at some of the best prices. Available in black, white or with a warm wooden finish, with a few of our hanging mirrors adorning your walls, you can achieve a unique aesthetic that could just become your signature style.

Mirrors used as décor are more than capable of embodying the classic, the contemporary or the simple tastes, and when artfully used, they have the ability to not only make the room look more appealing but they can enlarge the space and create more light.

Made to be used in every room, from the bathroom mirror to the bedroom mirror, your wall-mounted décor piece can change the entire way that you enjoy your home. We also have an extensive range of wall art for sale online.

Hand-Made Wooden and Aluminium framed Scandi Mirrors Available Online

It goes without saying, that with such an extensive range of mirrors available for purchase, some of these wall accessories are simply better than others. The handmade wooden and aluminium Scandi mirrors are considered to be at the higher end when it comes to mirrors, and their superior quality all comes down to the origins and how they are made.

Scandi is short for Scandinavian, and they can also be called a Nordic mirror. Since Scandinavian furniture and home décor of any type is already well known for its absolutely outstanding quality as well as its unique often sleek and modern design, the mirrors made with a Scandinavian influence are quite naturally on par with the rest of the Scandinavian aesthetic that you will see when looking up this style.

Scandi mirrors have a very clean cut look. They are available in a variety of shapes and each mirror is delicately encased in a frame. The frames of a Scandi mirror will generally be wooden and hand by hand or they will be aluminium, which gives the mirror a certain elegant quality. One factor that makes these mirrors distinctive is that the frame is normally quite thin, allowing the actual mirror to draw all of the attention.

The shape of the Scandi mirror reflects the functional side of Scandinavian design, as these mirrors are usually round, rectangular, square, or oval. This allows for the full amount of light to be reflected while it also makes the mirror easier to use.

Because of the design of the Scandi mirror, it tends to be an attractive option for the minimalist. The mirror is made to maximise the practicality of having such a feature. Given the size of the mirror, and the size of the small frame, anyone who owns such a mirror can enjoy full use of the décor piece.

When hanging a mirror for decorative purposes, it is important to consider the size and the shape, as it is in relation to your space, and you should also give great thought to the type of frame that the mirror is made of.

Decorating with a modern mirror allows you to play around with various ideas. Seeing that most traditional mirrors tend to be large and come with a bulky frame, modern mirrors, much like the Scandi mirror, are minimalist in design which gives you the opportunity to add more than one of these mirrors to a single wall without the look being overcrowded. Naturally, this kind of approach to interior décor is only going to work if you have a few smaller mirrors.

modern mirrors are generally available at a great price and since they are for sale online, you can shop a wide selection of stylish mirrors that have that timeless appeal. With your Scandi mirror in particular, you will have evergreen décor that won’t need to be changed even if the rest of the furniture and accessories in your space do.

To take your interior décor to new heights, adding a modern wall mirror is always a chic option. And with an elegant Scandi mirror, you can embrace the minimalist approach to décor, and experience a sleeker look.

We stock one of the widest varieties of Scandi wall mirrors in South Africa, and with our safe and convenient online shopping, can browse our modern mirrors online and once you’ve found the one that catches your eye, you can make your purchase directly on our website.