Kitchen Wall Art

Wall art with botanical, floral, or food and drink theme, as well as simple illustrations that balance the cluttered kitchen.

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Kitchen Wall Art for Sale Online in South Africa

The kitchen is one of the most used, and more social, places in the home, and with the right kitchen wall art, it can become an even more popular place to spend time. Kitchens can be somewhat overlooked when it comes to wall décor, especially in smaller kitchens where there is the worry that kitchen wall art might make the space look smaller. 

But when used the right way, and with a complementary colour scheme and images, kitchen wall art can actually make the space look completely new, and in some cases, it might even give the illusion of the space being bigger. This sort of wall art is available in a wide variety of styles as well as sizes, which allows you to get creative with your approach to decorating your kitchen. 

At Pixalot, we print and stock one of the widest selections of wall art of all kinds. Our prints include a range of interesting images and patterns, and you can also decorate your kitchen according to the colour pallet that you are working with. 

Our collection of kitchen wall art for sale in South Africa is designed to have something for everyone and will give you the opportunity to really make the space your own. 

A well decorated kitchen will never go out of style, and if you choose the kind of wall art that has that timeless look, you can be sure that you won’t have to redo the kitchen interior every time the trends change. 

Decorating with Kitchen Wall Art for Sale from Pixalot

Wall art used in a kitchen can really spruce up the room and give it some character. But when you are using art on a kitchen wall, you need to think about a whole lot more than just the kind of art you are going to be using. 

Kitchens are well-known for being the occasional messy space, what with oil splatter and spills often ending up on walls and needing to be cleaned with an extra strong cleaner. Such cleaners can do a lot of damage to the wall paint and continuously cleaning will also mean having to do extra maintenance in order to keep the wall looking good. 

So when you are thinking about adding kitchen wall art to the space, you will have to give extra thought to how you are going to keep the art clean, without damaging it. 

When decorating, you have the option of choosing between a single large piece of art or you can opt for 2 or 3 smaller pieces that complement one another. Since kitchens can be rather smaller spaces these days, they tend to be better suited to smaller art pieces, as a single large piece can shrink the space. Popular wall art for kitchens includes images of herbs and vegetables, but you can add any kind of art you like.

All of our wall art is printed on high-quality canvas, in Cape Town, and we deliver our art nationwide. To buy one of our pieces, you can place an order via our online store.  We also have a range of wall art for your bathroom, bedroom and living room.