African Wall Art

Adorn your walls with the most vibrant continent on earth, with its wonderful people, iconic animals and breathtaking landscapes & seascapes. 

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Unique African Wall Art for sale from Pixalot

Warm colour pallets, dramatic landscapes, intimate portraits of people and wildlife, African wall art is an interesting mixture of scenery that is a reflection of home, and when it is hung in the right kind of space it can become a much valued art piece as well as an interesting talking point. This collection of wall art is extensive and as such there is a something to suit all sorts of design tastes.

African wall art is generally created to have that warm look and feel, or it can be a minimalist black and white image that is as striking as it is soothing. This wall art is quite perfect for use in all sorts of spaces, including bedrooms, living rooms, and bathrooms, and they are equally suitable for use in an office space, where you might be trying to create a more formal atmosphere. With such an extensive variety of African wall art available, you can mix and match your wall art pieces, combining different themed pieces to create a really eye catching feature in whatever space you are working in.

At Pixalot, we have curated a beautiful range of wall art pieces and our African wall art is a particularly impressive addition to our collection. Each piece can be bought through our easy to use webstore, and shipped to wherever you are in South Africa. You might like our animal wall art and botanical collection.

Choosing your African Wall Art for Sale Online

African wall art comprises of numerous rather interesting pieces, with landscapes and wildlife being among the most popular of all of the choices available. For the most part, unless the art is a black and white piece, the colour pallet is going to be one of the biggest considerations that you will have to make when thinking about where the art is going to be placed.

Most African wall art has that dusty orange tint to it, to recreate a hot late afternoon scene out in the wild. This colour scheme can create a certain warmth, which means that when you add it to your space, you can just about instantly make the room feel more inviting. This effect is easier to achieve if you are working with either a single large piece of art or if you are combining a number of smaller pieces, to set the scene.

If you are considering a savannah landscape or a stunning mountain setting, opting for a large wall art piece can be the better decision simply because you won’t want the details of the image being lost in a smaller wall art piece. If you are working with a smaller space and you can only use a smaller wall art piece, try sticking to art with a single, focal point, such as a face or a flower. This way, the attention will be drawn directly to the most interesting part of the art, while the art will still be able to make an impact on the room.

When you shop from Pixalot, your wall art will be printed on the best quality materials and framed before being shipped to your address. Our art is printed in Cape Town and with our affordable prices, anyone can afford to add something special to their space.