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Gold Wall Art for Sale

For the luxury finish, opting to decorate with gold wall art is one way to turn your home or office into an unforgettable space. Gold wall art need not be too over the top, and many wall art pieces in this category are instead more subdued, with the gold detail being just a few flecks. For those who are keen on having more of a statement making piece of gold wall art, there are a variety of bold gold art pieces that are made to catch the eye. Gold wall art can transform just about any room in which it is place.

At Pixalot we have a selection of beautiful gold wall art for sale that will suit all tastes and design expectations. 

Some art pieces also are abstract, with the gold veined marble and Picasso like detailed art being popular options. These wall designs are the ideal option if you’d like to make your space look more interesting and more sophisticated. You can choose to decorate with a single eye catching statement piece, the kind that dominates the wall and gives the area that luxury look, or you can decorate with a collection of complementary gold pieces that gives the room that special something. 

Selection of Golden Wall Art for Sale from Pixalot

Because gold wall art suits a very particular taste, when it comes to selecting your wall art there are some things to keep in mind. 

Gold art can very easily take over, and when used in a less than complementary way, the décor can end up looking tacky which is something you will want to avoid. The key to making your gold art look more suitable for the space in which it is being used, is to really work with the room size you have. You don’t necessarily want the gold art to completely overshadow all of your other décor and furniture, and that can easily happen if you either add a piece that is too big or if you opt for a selection of more than 3 art pieces, all adorned with a gold feature piece. 

As with all of the wall art you can buy, you should carefully consider the final look that you hope to achieve and you should also think about what the space is being used for. Since gold wall art can be on the more luxurious side and as such is often viewed as more sophisticated, such art might be more suitable for offices, studies and bedrooms.

If bold wall art is not your taste, you can opt for more muted wall art which you can use between other wall décor, allowing the gold art to become your featured piece. 

At Pixalot, we have one of South Africa’s widest varieties of wall art for sale, including a collection of gold art that is simply stunning. Our art is available in all of the common sizes, and we’ve priced it in such a way that anyone can afford to give their home a makeover. You can shop gold wall art online, in our webstore, and enjoy delivery within a week. We also have a range of modern wallpaper and mirrors for sale.