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With classy sepias, under saturated colours and bold black and whites, the vintage collection is one that stays true to the timeless art that you’d see in those more sophisticated homes and office spaces. But vintage wall art doesn’t have to be outdated or boring, it can actually become one of the most treasured parts of your interior decorating. For anyone looking to make a statement or for those who just want to have something different on their walls, shopping from Pixalot’s collection of vintage wall art for sale in South Africa, is a must.

Vintage wall art never quite goes out of style, and because of the colours and shades it is available in, it tends to go with just about any interior design setup. At Pixalot, we have a wide range of expertly curated vintage wall art available for sale, and within the collection you can find an array of interesting pieces that are sure to suit your design goals.

This particular type of wall art is a great option if you want to give your space a more interesting look and one that won’t need to be updated. 

Deciding which vintage wall art for sale is for you

Unlike landscapes and seascapes, vintage wall art is not exactly everyone’s taste. In the past some were not so keen on the often understated look of vintage wall art, because it was not always as eye catching as more colourful art ranges. But these days vintage art comes in such a wide range of colours and images that it is hard not to find something that meets your design expectations. 

Vintage wall art comes in a range of designs including flowers, cars, airplanes, shop fronts, and people, and it also features botanical and avian prints copied from historical research pieces. Within this collection you will also find abstract art as well as reproductions of famous art and movie posters. This range is without a doubt one of our most diverse.

The fact that this kind of wall art can be more understated means that it can complement most spaces, even if the rest of the room is a little more colourful. And unlike the landscapes and seascapes, and even floral wall art which can take require a larger print in order for the full detail of the art to be more appreciated, vintage art can be printed in a small or medium size and still look fantastic. If you are opting for something like a landscape or a shop front, you should think about rather going for a large wall art piece, so that it can become the room’s defining feature. 

With art that is suitable for just about any space in the home or the office, when you shop online from Pixalot, you have one of the best and biggest collections to browse through. All of our art is printed on the highest quality materials, here in Cape Town. Each piece is delivered framed and ready to be hung. We have various other collections, including city art and seascape wall art

Our wall art, wallpapers and mirrors are available nationwide, and at our affordable rates, anyone can add something new to their space.