Frame Your Own

Display your fondest memories by sending your photos to us to print on to canvas or frame behind glass. You take 'em, we'll frame 'em! Or select a combination of images from our entire collection to create your own wall art set or gallery wall.

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Print Photos on Canvas or Frame Your Own Custom Wall Art

Having the option to customise your own framed art or photos is something worth looking into if you have a one-of-a-kind wall art idea in mind. While buying ready framed art is the ideal way to instantly start decorating, the custom solution of having your own art printed is a fantastic way to add your personality to your space, especially if you are looking to frame family prints.

Pixalot aims to provide clients with the best and widest variety of beautiful wall art. In our extensive collection, you can find art to suit just about every interior design taste. But should you want to create something unique, such as printing something that is personal to you, we have a custom service that will allow you to do just that.

Printing your photos on canvas or having your own art framed is a great way to showcase your own designs and photos.

This way, you can adorn your walls with a very select grouping of photos, which are sure to help you tell your story.

Things to consider when creating custom wall art

From figuring out the ideal size for the print, to preparing the image that you will be sending to the printing house, there are quite a few things that you should keep in mind when you are getting ready to have your art printed.

To start with, you need to make sure that you have the right image quality. Choosing a good quality image means selecting the type that is crisp, clear and vibrant. Should your image quality be less than the highest quality, you can end up with a distorted print. 

The next consideration to make is the print size. Pixalot offers clients a few standard size options to choose from, which makes framing your art a little easier. Even so, you’ll want to be certain that the aspect ratio is correct, as there is always the worry that the image could look a little stretched out or disproportionate. 

Finally, you will have to consider what it is that the image will be printed on. Some materials are better than others and then there are those materials that can let too much of the ink seep into it, which in turn can distort the image.

You can print photos on canvas or you can create custom wall art by framing your own art.

Luckily, when you are using the services of a company like ours, a lot of your planning can be left to us. We can assist you with preparing your images and we can guarantee that the materials we print on are perfect for the task. We have been offering this service for a long while and with our experience, we have the skills needed to create the perfect, fully customised wall art.

Along with providing you with a stunning piece of framed your own art, we can also give you the information and advice necessary for keeping your one of a kind piece in the best possible condition, making it possible to turn your art into a beloved family heirloom.