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Available in a diverse range of colours that move through the colour scheme from the more understated colours to those more vibrant hues, floral and botanical wall art includes a wide variety of options.

At Pixalot we have one of South Africa’s biggest collection of floral and botanical wall art for sale, in some of the most sought-after designs.

Floral and botanical wall art is not something that suits everyone. But if you are looking for an easy way to bring the outdoors inside, floral and botanical wall art is one way to go. This kind of art is able to blend in with your current décor ideas and it can quite easily stand on its own as a single piece, or be used alongside a few similar wall art designs, to achieve a more vibrant look.

How to Choose from the Floral and Botanical Wall Art for Sale from Pixalot

Decorating with floral or botanical art pieces will often depend greatly on the space in which it will be hung. This art is very much theme driven, which means while it might look great in some spaces, it might not be appropriate for all spaces.

As with all types of wall art, it is important that you take the size of the space into consideration as well as the overall theme of the room you are decorating, since floral and botanical wall art comes in such a diverse selection of colours and images, including abstract pieces and macro photographic images of all sorts of plants. You could opt for a larger wall piece that can dominate the entire wall and become your one, central focal piece, or you can decide to include a number of individual wall pieces, although when working with this kind of wall art, you should give extra thought to the overall look you hope to end up with.

Art works with floral or botanical designs can be mixed and matched, depending on the colours you are working with. Clashing colours simply won’t do so well together, unless that is the specific look you are hoping to achieve. This art theme is also rather suitable for all types of spaces, and depending on the art image and colour you opt for, it could look just as beautiful in a bedroom as it would look in a living space.

With the range of colours available in this selection, you can match what you already have in your space, with one of the wall art pieces available from our store. This can make your selection process a lot easier. From pine forests, to proteas and all sorts of interesting flowers, our wall art will include something that will appeal to you. We also have animal wall art, black and white art, and various other themes to choose from.

You can buy any one of our wall art pieces, wallpaper or hanging mirrors via our webstore by adding your choice to your cart and heading over to the checkout page. All of our art is printed in Cape Town, on the best kinds of wall art material, and we ship our products throughout South Africa.