Colourful Wall Art

Inject some colour onto those grey and white walls with wall art full of bright and cheerful colours, some made by man, others by nature

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Subdued, unsaturated wall art was once a mark of sophistication and is still used in homes and office spaces around the world. But life is too short to not celebrate it with colour and what better way to add a dash of vibrancy to your space than with colourful wall art.

add a dash of vibrancy to your space than with colourful wall art.
Colourful wall art has the ability to transform any dull space into something more attractive to look at. And with such a huge collection of art available for sale, it is quite easy to find the right prints to suit the space as well as your personal preferences, without having to look too far.

At Pixalot, we offer one of the biggest selections of colourful wall art prints for sale. Elegantly framed and ready to be hung on the wall, our coloured wall art collection includes a variety of one-of-a-kind pieces, as well as prints that have become rather popular for their fashionable look.

Our colour prints feature famous painted art pieces and world-renowned photographs. We’ve also taken care to include wildlife, abstract pieces, and neutral art, and we’ve included art categorised according to specific colours, helping our clients to easily source the particular colour scheme they are looking for.

Decorating with colourful wall art

When using more understated tones in a room, it is easy to create a certain look that doesn’t overpower the space. But when using more colourful art works, you can take things too far and end up with a space that looks a little crowded or even untidy.

Using colourful prints in any room requires a bit of planning. And it is sometimes a good idea to only display one or two medium size prints, rather than have a full collection. When working with prints it can also be smart to make sure that the prints being displayed are able to fit in with the overall interior design, which is something that is most important when you are decorating with colourful prints in particular.

Colourful wall art prints don’t necessarily have to be too detailed, as they have already been designed to be highly impactful. As such these prints can go into just about any space, and will look as beautiful in the living room as they will in the bedroom. Certain prints can also look quite fantastic in office spaces and waiting rooms, where the addition of such a splash of colour can be a warm and welcoming sight.

These prints are provided with a frame that complements the look and adds to the overall appeal of the artwork. Rather than drawing attention away, most frames used for colourful art are rather understated, and minimalist in design.

Such wall art pieces are well-known for making a lasting statement and these prints are also able to create a calming or even productive environment, depending on the type that you choose.

All of the colourful prints seen on the Pixalot webstore have been carefully curated and are available for sale. Our wall art is printed on the best quality materials and can be easily placed on just about any wall without much effort.