Frida Kahlo Wall Art

Frida Kahlo (1907 - 1954) was a Mexican portraiture artist who employed a folk art style to explore questions of identity gender, class, and race in Mexican society.

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Striking Frida Kahlo Wall Art for Sale Online

A world-famous painter with one of the most uniquely characteristic approaches to art, Frida Kahlo is an iconic painter who gained international acclaim both during her fascinating life as well as after her death. There is no doubt that those who choose to display Frida Kahlo art in their homes or their office spaces are those with a really distinctive taste in wall art and are likely to be looking for something quite eye catching to add to their space.

Frida Kahlo was a passionate painter, and her art is among the most recognisable on the planet. Some of her art is incredibly graphic and capable of stirring up emotion, and all of her art, as well as modern impressions of her face, is filled with vibrant colour, making it the kind of art you can use to lighten a space and give it some real personality.

At Pixalot, we stock a range of famous art replicas. Our collections include some of the most easily recognised and acclaimed art from artists the world over, and in our extensive collection we have a variety of Frida Kahlo wall art pieces.  You might also enjoy our range of Andy Warhol wall art and Bansky replicas.

Decorating with your Frida Kahlo Wall Art for sale from Pixalot

As art work well known for its unashamedly over the top use of colour, hanging a painting from the Frida Kahlo collection is guaranteed to add some personality to your space while it will also become a much talked about art piece, as every Frida painting has an origin story.

Frida was well known for expressing herself through her art, and often painted during the hardest parts of her life. When selecting a Kahlo replica, it helps to know something about her thoughts or her state of mind when she created her paintings.

As for decorating with a Kahlo piece, you are certainly not going to want to hide this type of art away from those visiting your home or office, because they are just such vibrant creations. Frida Kahlo wall art is a perfect addition for a living room or a dining room, but it could also look quite interesting if you were to add such a piece to your kitchen or even to a bathroom, depending on whatever else you have going on in each room.

Kahlo wall art is going to be a real focal point wherever you add it and so you will want to give your art a spot where you can easily see it. If what you are doing is looking for a way to add something different to your walls, the Frida Crimson Floral, Diego on my Mind, and Thorn Necklace and Hummingbird are all interesting options. There are also a couple of romantic and daring pieces that you can consider, including Kahlo Tea and Parrots.

If Frida appeals to you and your design goals, you can shop our Kahlo collection from our website. We stock only the highest quality art and we can deliver our wall art to wherever you are in the country, once when have printed and framed it in our Cape Town based studio.