Protea Flower Wall Art

The national flower of South Africa - looks spectacular as wall art on a large format canvas or framed behind glass.

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Bright Protea Wall Art for Sale in South Africa

Proteas are by far one of South Africa’s most recognised and beloved flowers. With their crown like petals and the vibrant shades of pink, a photograph of a protea can make for a stunning piece of wall art and it will look absolutely beautiful in any space that you are decorating. Although you may think that all proteas look the same, each one has something unique about it, which means each type of protea wall art you consider buying is likely to look quite different from the next.

Protea wall art is incredibly beautiful and it is certainly going to be one of the most talked about pieces of wall art that you could choose. With the right selection your wall art will become a bit of a statement piece, no matter which space you choose to add it to. This wall art is also quite easy to match in with your other existing decor and wall art pieces.

At Pixalot, we have one of the widest varieties of wall art in South Africa, some of which includes an array of floral photos and prints, including a range of images featuring the beautiful protea flower. Each piece of protea wall art for sale in our online store can be delivered to wherever you are in the country.

Choosing your Protea Wall Art for sale online from Pixalot

From choosing your preferred piece of protea wall art, to putting it up in whichever room you are decorating, you will find that working with protea wall art is easy and it always looks great. The protea flower is such a distinguishable plant and when it is printed on wall art, it can be a really distinguishable bloom.

Because proteas are such colourful flowers, and your colour pallet is quite limited to pink, white and green, you need to give some extra thought to the way in which you decorate as well as the room in which you are placing your art work. Protea wall art is suitable for use in most rooms and it can look particular beautiful when you are using it in a living room space, a bedroom or even a bathroom. Any space that you want to add a bit more colour to will be brought to life with a piece of protea wall art.

Like most wall art, you can choose to add just one single, medium or large protea wall art piece or you can hang a series of protea pieces that complement one another and perhaps even tell a story of sorts. A protea still life is always going to look elegant no matter where you choose to place it, and it is certainly going to be a timeless addition to your home or your office space.

When you buy wall art from Pixalot, you can shop from a selection of stunning pieces, which will come framed and ready to be hung. Our art is printed on the best quality materials and this gives them a long lifespan and it makes them easy to maintain. We ship our printed art nationwide and each piece is available at a very affordable price. Other popular collections include black and white wall art, abstract art and our mirrors for sale.