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Wash-60 x 45cm-Mounted Canvas-No Frame-Pixalot
Wash-80 x 60cm-Framed Print-Wood-Pixalot
Wash-60 x 45cm-Mounted Canvas-No Frame-Pixalot
Wash-180 x 110cm-Mounted Canvas-No Frame-Pixalot
Wash-150 x 100cm-Framed Print-Wood-Pixalot
Wash-80 x 60cm-Framed Print-White-Pixalot
Wash-80 x 60cm-Framed Print-Black-Pixalot
Wash-150 x 100cm-Framed Print-Black-Pixalot
Wash-80 x 60cm-Mounted Canvas-White-Pixalot
Wash-150 x 100cm-Mounted Canvas-White-Pixalot
Wash-80 x 60cm-Mounted Canvas-Black-Pixalot
Wash-150 x 100cm-Mounted Canvas-Black-Pixalot
Wash-80 x 60cm-Mounted Canvas-No Frame-Pixalot
Wash-150 x 100cm-Mounted Canvas-No Frame-Pixalot
Wash-60 x 45cm-Framed Print-Wood-Pixalot
Wash-120 x 90cm-Framed Print-Wood-Pixalot
Wash-60 x 45cm-Framed Print-White-Pixalot
Wash-150 x 100cm-Framed Print-White-Pixalot
Wash-120 x 90cm-Framed Print-White-Pixalot
Wash-120 x 90cm-Framed Print-Black-Pixalot
Wash-60 x 45cm-Framed Print-Black-Pixalot
Wash-120 x 90cm-Mounted Canvas-White-Pixalot
Wash-60 x 45cm-Mounted Canvas-White-Pixalot
Wash-60 x 45cm-Mounted Canvas-Black-Pixalot
Wash-120 x 90cm-Mounted Canvas-Black-Pixalot
Wash-120 x 90cm-Mounted Canvas-No Frame-Pixalot
Wash-100 x 75cm-Framed Print-Wood-Pixalot
Wash-100 x 75cm-Framed Print-White-Pixalot
Wash-100 x 75cm-Framed Print-Black-Pixalot
Wash-100 x 75cm-Mounted Canvas-White-Pixalot
Wash-220 x 130cm-Mounted Canvas-White-Pixalot
Wash-220 x 130cm-Mounted Canvas-Black-Pixalot
Wash-100 x 75cm-Mounted Canvas-Black-Pixalot
Wash-220 x 130cm-Mounted Canvas-No Frame-Pixalot
Wash-180 x 110cm-Framed Print-Wood-Pixalot
Wash-180 x 110cm-Framed Print-Black-Pixalot
Wash-180 x 110cm-Framed Print-White-Pixalot
Wash-100 x 75cm-Mounted Canvas-No Frame-Pixalot
Wash-180 x 110cm-Mounted Canvas-Black-Pixalot
Wash-180 x 110cm-Mounted Canvas-White-Pixalot
Wash-60 x 45cm-Mounted Canvas-Wood-Pixalot
Wash-80 x 60cm-Mounted Canvas-Wood-Pixalot
Wash-180 x 110cm-Mounted Canvas-Wood-Pixalot
Wash-100 x 75cm-Mounted Canvas-Wood-Pixalot
Wash-120 x 90cm-Mounted Canvas-Wood-Pixalot
Wash-150 x 100cm-Mounted Canvas-Wood-Pixalot
Wash-220 x 130cm-Mounted Canvas-Wood-Pixalot
Wash-60 x 45cm-Mounted Canvas-No Frame-Pixalot


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Light Blue & White Watercolour Wall Art

Feel the waterfall running down the image. Lovely abstract art.

Great image for framing behind glass, or block mounting on canvas to create a focal point and conversation piece in any contemporary home.


Please note this is a very high resolution print of the original artwork which means every brush stroke, inconsistency, and even the texture of the canvas it was originally painted on can be seen. It is almost impossible to differentiate it from the original with the naked eye, but if you want a smooth, flawless, flat looking texture, we recommend you select a photograph rather than an art print.