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Yellow-Red-Blue-60 x 45cm-Mounted Canvas-No Frame-Pixalot
Yellow-Red-Blue-80 x 60cm-Framed Print-Wood-Pixalot
Yellow-Red-Blue-60 x 45cm-Mounted Canvas-No Frame-Pixalot
Yellow-Red-Blue-180 x 110cm-Mounted Canvas-No Frame-Pixalot
Yellow-Red-Blue-150 x 100cm-Framed Print-Wood-Pixalot
Yellow-Red-Blue-80 x 60cm-Framed Print-White-Pixalot
Yellow-Red-Blue-80 x 60cm-Framed Print-Black-Pixalot
Yellow-Red-Blue-150 x 100cm-Framed Print-Black-Pixalot
Yellow-Red-Blue-80 x 60cm-Mounted Canvas-White-Pixalot
Yellow-Red-Blue-150 x 100cm-Mounted Canvas-White-Pixalot
Yellow-Red-Blue-80 x 60cm-Mounted Canvas-Black-Pixalot
Yellow-Red-Blue-150 x 100cm-Mounted Canvas-Black-Pixalot
Yellow-Red-Blue-80 x 60cm-Mounted Canvas-No Frame-Pixalot
Yellow-Red-Blue-150 x 100cm-Mounted Canvas-No Frame-Pixalot
Yellow-Red-Blue-60 x 45cm-Framed Print-Wood-Pixalot
Yellow-Red-Blue-120 x 90cm-Framed Print-Wood-Pixalot
Yellow-Red-Blue-60 x 45cm-Framed Print-White-Pixalot
Yellow-Red-Blue-150 x 100cm-Framed Print-White-Pixalot
Yellow-Red-Blue-120 x 90cm-Framed Print-White-Pixalot
Yellow-Red-Blue-120 x 90cm-Framed Print-Black-Pixalot
Yellow-Red-Blue-60 x 45cm-Framed Print-Black-Pixalot
Yellow-Red-Blue-120 x 90cm-Mounted Canvas-White-Pixalot
Yellow-Red-Blue-60 x 45cm-Mounted Canvas-White-Pixalot
Yellow-Red-Blue-60 x 45cm-Mounted Canvas-Black-Pixalot
Yellow-Red-Blue-120 x 90cm-Mounted Canvas-Black-Pixalot
Yellow-Red-Blue-120 x 90cm-Mounted Canvas-No Frame-Pixalot
Yellow-Red-Blue-100 x 75cm-Framed Print-Wood-Pixalot
Yellow-Red-Blue-100 x 75cm-Framed Print-White-Pixalot
Yellow-Red-Blue-100 x 75cm-Framed Print-Black-Pixalot
Yellow-Red-Blue-100 x 75cm-Mounted Canvas-White-Pixalot
Yellow-Red-Blue-220 x 130cm-Mounted Canvas-White-Pixalot
Yellow-Red-Blue-220 x 130cm-Mounted Canvas-Black-Pixalot
Yellow-Red-Blue-100 x 75cm-Mounted Canvas-Black-Pixalot
Yellow-Red-Blue-220 x 130cm-Mounted Canvas-No Frame-Pixalot
Yellow-Red-Blue-180 x 110cm-Framed Print-Wood-Pixalot
Yellow-Red-Blue-180 x 110cm-Framed Print-Black-Pixalot
Yellow-Red-Blue-180 x 110cm-Framed Print-White-Pixalot
Yellow-Red-Blue-100 x 75cm-Mounted Canvas-No Frame-Pixalot
Yellow-Red-Blue-180 x 110cm-Mounted Canvas-Black-Pixalot
Yellow-Red-Blue-180 x 110cm-Mounted Canvas-White-Pixalot
Yellow-Red-Blue-60 x 45cm-Mounted Canvas-Wood-Pixalot
Yellow-Red-Blue-80 x 60cm-Mounted Canvas-Wood-Pixalot
Yellow-Red-Blue-180 x 110cm-Mounted Canvas-Wood-Pixalot
Yellow-Red-Blue-100 x 75cm-Mounted Canvas-Wood-Pixalot
Yellow-Red-Blue-120 x 90cm-Mounted Canvas-Wood-Pixalot
Yellow-Red-Blue-150 x 100cm-Mounted Canvas-Wood-Pixalot
Yellow-Red-Blue-220 x 130cm-Mounted Canvas-Wood-Pixalot
Yellow-Red-Blue-60 x 45cm-Mounted Canvas-No Frame-Pixalot


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Yellow-Red-Blue by Wassily Kandinsky

Suprematism was a Russian art movement focused on portraying basic geometric forms in a limited range of colours. Bauhaus was a modernist art school in Germany which had a major influence on 20th century art, and where Kandinsky taught from 1922 to 1933. Yellow-Red-Blue, painted by Kandinsky during his time at Bauhaus, can be seen as a symphony he created by merging his style with Bauhaus techniques and suprematist ideas. It can be divided into two parts with geometric shapes and bright colours on the left and abstract shapes and dark colours on the right.

Wassily Kandinsky (1866 – 1944) was a Russian artist who is considered the Father of Abstract Art, painting some of the earliest works in the genre. Art was deeply spiritual for Kandinsky and music was integral to many of his works. He was inspired by colour and believed he could convey emotions through it. Kandinsky was one of the most influential painters of the twentieth century.

A great image for framing behind glass, or block mounting on canvas to create a focal point and conversation piece in any art lover's home.


Please note: this is a very high resolution print of the original artwork which means every brush stroke, inconsistency, and even the texture of the canvas it was originally painted on can be seen. It is almost impossible to differentiate it from the original with the naked eye, but if you want a smooth, flawless, flat looking texture, we recommend you select a photograph rather than an art print.