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A Beginners Guide to Choosing Wall Art

Buying art is not something that will come naturally to most people. Although you might see something you like and immediately fall in love, the artwork might not look so great in the space you are thinking about placing it in. For this reason, it is certainly helpful to have a couple of pointers, from those working in the art world as well as those who are professional interior designers, to ensure that you select the right colours, the right shapes and the right designs for your unique space. 


Wall art should always complement and add to a room rather than become the main attraction.


Even if you are designing with a large art piece, the art should help enhance the overall look of the room and to do this, you need to know how to choose the right wall art for the right space


Use these tips as a guide on how to choose wall art for your home or office:

1. Take your time to learn what you love


If you don’t know what kind of art you like, you could end up making a choice you either regret or which you might perhaps find doesn’t fit in with the rest of your home. 


Because wall art comes in such a variety of styles and feature every theme you can imagine, when you are looking for new wall art, it will help to at least know your own tastes. For those who are just starting out with their wall art collection, they can be overwhelmed with the choices and end up loving (or maybe hating) everything they see.


2. Make peace with your space


You need to define the size of the art piece that will look best in your space. While you might be pulled towards a really large art piece, it just might not be suitable for the room because it is too big. When working with any sort of space, think about symmetry, creating a gallery wall, or mixing your styles.


3. Include existing décor


You don’t start decorating you home with the art on your wall. Chances are good that you already have an existing theme going on. Before you make an investment in any type of art, consider the colour pallet and materials you have in the space, and how the art will fit in.


4. Keep the type of room in mind


If you are thinking about wall art for a bedroom, there are certain styles and colours that will be more suitable than others. Wall art can affect the mood of the room, so give careful thought to the atmosphere that you are trying to create. 


Busy artwork, whether it is a busy colour or a busy image, might not be the best idea for a room that you want to relax in.


5. Stick to a style


Having a running theme in your home, or just in the room you are decorating, is one way to avoid chaos and create cohesion. Staying with one theme will also prevent you from accidently buying art that won’t fit your space, and as such it will save you trouble further down the line. 


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