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A Buyers Guide for Choosing Office Wall Art

There is nothing worse than having a bare wall in an office space. It can be demotivating for staff and uninviting for visitors, but with a couple of well-chosen and well-placed wall art pieces, you can brighten up your space while also adding some life to it. 

Choosing office wall art is not all that different to choosing something for your home. Often your best chosen piece is going to be the one that you love the most, but there are some tips that you can use to further ensure that the art you select is the ideal piece for your office space. You might also want to consider a hanging wall mirror to complement the office.

Here is our quick and easy guide to buying and decorating with wall art in your office:

Art is Branding

When it comes to the office, everything you choose to decorate with is going to become a reflection of your business as well as of your personality. It will be something that gives those visiting either a good first impression or a bad one, and it will also tell the visiting customer more about who you are. A great way to use art to enhance your brand would be to select art in the same colours as your company branding. 

It is not just the look of the art that can have an impression on your customers, but also the value of your art. The more expensive your art is, the bigger the impression it can make on your clients. But don’t worry too much about impressing people with how much money you are willing to spend, often people can’t tell the difference between the expensive art and the more cost effective art. 

Employees should be included 

Your employees will have to see the art every day and if they hate it, they could end up feeling rather demotivated. If you involve your employees in the art selection process, you can actually improve the productivity. Studies have proven that when employees are included in the decorating process, they can be as much as 30% more productive. 

Get Creative 

Rotating your wall art by buying a selection that you change up every year, can keep the space looking fresh. Having different types of art on display ever so often will also help to impress your clients, especially those who are regular visitors to your office. This also makes it easier to avoid becoming bored with the space you are decorating. 

When selecting your office wall art, you can get quite creative but you should be sure that you don’t go too over the top. The office is a place to unleash some of your personal tastes, but you should be careful to not go too over the top with your art. You want to give the visiting clients and your staff a happy and relaxed atmosphere, not one that is too chaotic. High-key wall art is an office favourite worth considering.

If you are looking for some new art for your office or your home, you can contact us today or you can browse through our extensive catalogue of beautiful wall art right here on the Pixalot website. 

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